Alcohol Information : The Facts

In the fight against alcoholism, the facts are an important tool.

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These beverages are now a daily part of our lives, no matter what the religion we follow, what social circle we belong to or what culture we embrace. Many Americans believe that alcohol should be used only by adults but unfortunately drinking problems (alcohol addiction) often start in the early teen years. Others believe it should be only taken for religious and social reasons.

However, the truth is that alcohol has other purposes as well that include legal and health issues. Teenagers and students get contradicting statements on alcohol from different parties. Their parents, the media and place of worship provide information on alcohol abuse.

Nonetheless, young people still do not receive all of the facts. Complete information on alcohol addiction and its dangers can help prevent it. And it needs to start even earlier than adolescents. Such alcohol information should be provided.

Friends play an important influence in the role of alcohol in a young person’s life. A certain amount of wine, beer or whisky is acceptable in many social circles. These beverages, however, is usually taken as a drug and one must learn to deny it.

The media portrays this type of beverages as an escape from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and common problems. Children usually see their parents taking in vodka, beer, absinthe, whisky, every now and then so where do they learn to abstain from it? The different messages and sources on alcohol information no doubt confuses your child.

This and substance abuse is a growing problem today. This type of beverages is taken in continuous despite any type of problems a person is facing. Until the age of 21, an individual is not allowed to consume such beverages and if he or she does, this will be considered drug abuse as well.

The contradicting part comes in when research tells that alcohol plays a role in medicines, remedies, dietary supplements and drugs that actually help cure people.

Infections can be cured by the use of vaccines and tablets like antibiotics, which can reduce blood pressure levels, and be a treatment for diabetes and other diseases. Medically, alcohol for certain uses has been approved for patients as this relieves them of the above-stated problems.

Where it is declared legal, abusing this “facility” may come with grave circumstances. The Laws in the US and UK say that the Blood Alcohol Concentration cannot exceed 0.08%, and if the range is higher than this, you are dealing with the law head-on! This information is well known by car drivers.

The liver in the body reduces the alcohol by one unit an hour and this can help you get over your hangovers.

Few medical doctors or reports state what level is “safe” when it comes to this drug. However, over-doing your drinking habits can mean that you are more inclined to risks and other factors that affect your health, such as slower reflexes, inappropriate behavior, forgetfulness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis, mental disorders, hallucinations, cardiovascular disease, dementia, seizures, gout, hypertension, nerve damage, pancreatitis, FAS, “fatty liver” and cirrhosis disease, and so on.

These factors can be embarrassing for those with drinking problems and the people around them. One is not always as conscious of his acts after a few drinks and this is never a good sign.

Therefore, a certain line should be drawn when it comes to alcohol as the above stated alcohol information is just a precursor for more serious problems ahead.

Among the important information about the dangers of alcohol, the symptoms of this problem and how this addiction develops should be shared.

Many people do not realize that smoking and drinking together are a very bad thing. Try to give up tobacco smoking and abusing alcohol today and you will see your life unfold in new colors!

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